Gifts that Live to Serve Others

Gifts Received from 06.12.18 - 07.03.18

In Memory of

Our deepest sympathy is with the family and friends of those remembered here. The gifts given in their memory will bring comfort and healing to the needy in our community.
Gifts in Memory of: Given By:
Virginia Alescio Frank Salamone
Jim Andrew Sandra Antrim
Christine Fox Beecher Lou & Marge Roberge
Deborah E. Boniewski Gary & Patricia Dorow
Deborah E. Boniewski Mark & Margaret Sturtevant
Deborah E. Boniewski Robert & Irene Wickham
Catherine Brown Jean Hodgins
Mary Buzo Demarco-Stone Funeral Home, on behalf of her family & Father Leo Markert
Alex Cafarella Christian D'Alessandro
Louis Comanzo Marilyn Ennis
Elizabeth Ehrcke Scotia Reformed Home Bureau
Peter J. Hartshorne Jean Hartshorne
John Hotaling Thomas Schermerhorn
Morse (Skip) Kane Nina Motta
Raymond Earl Koontz, Sr. Janice Vunk
Frank Kulbako Deborah Kulbako-Arnold
Sasha Levy Joe Levy
George Lindsay Vincent & Christine Martell
Shelley Minihan Kathryn Karlok
Heather Morse Marilyn Elson
My Parents Vincent & Diane Martiniano
Alberta Oakley Donald Oakley
William O'Malley Kevin Harding
James L. Pemberton JoAnne Pemberton
Jyl Phillips Susan Stern
Mac & Doris Provost Mal Provost
Sister Dolores Puglis Vincent & Christine Martell
Marceline Schaefer Viola Bramkamp
Marceline Schaefer Brian Cole
Marceline Schaefer Gloria Kavanah
Marceline Schaefer Louis & Margaret Neri
Marceline Schaefer Robert & Kathleen Richardson
Marceline Schaefer Alan Seymour
Christine Schermerhorn Thomas Schermerhorn
Lou & Ida B. Schneidman Toby McErlean
Hilda Singsheim Jeffrey Hilt
Georgette Cecile Duquette Snell Vincent & Christine Martell
Keith & Dennis Stalica Dare & Scott Stalica
Carloe Ann Stevens Angeline Fountain
Hedwig B. Thomas Phyllis Weaver
Carol Gloria Tumbelston Helen Stopper

In Honor of

A gift to the Mission is a wonderful way to remember a birthday, anniversary or other special event, while bringing hope to those in need!
Gifts in Honor of: Given By:
George & MaryAnn Amedore Armand & Mary Lou
George & MaryAnn Amedore Rebecca Harkins
Josh Hughes Gregory Collins
Sharon Jordan Schenectady County Democratic Women's Club
Gerry Pierce Pat Scholtz
Mr. John Rickert Niskayuna's Class of 2018
Maureen Sauter's birthday Marvin & Vera Weiss
Paul Simpson Donna Tallman