Gifts that Live to Serve Others

Gifts Received from 5.3.19-6.3.19

In Memory of

Our deepest sympathy is with the family and friends of those remembered here. The gifts given in their memory will bring comfort and healing to the needy in our community.
Gifts in Memory of: Given By:
Jim Andrew Sandra Antrim
Joan Assini Carolyn Tompkins
The Beverleys Lois Mitchell
Alma Blohm Amie & Bill Hall
Ines Bongio Edward Bongio
Diana Brandt Kevin McCormack
Brian Donna Maxwell
Katherine Marion Briscoe Joseph & Annette Anderson
Katherine Marion Briscoe James & Patricia Bell
Katherine Marion Briscoe Kark & Debbie Griffith
Katherine Marion Briscoe Gordon & Marion Hamil
Katherine Marion Briscoe Hash House a Go Go Restaurants
Katherine Marion Briscoe William Manikas
Katherine Marion Briscoe Carol Mayo
Catherine Brown Jean Hodgins
William Charles Bulson Susan & Lawrence Felpel
Alex Cafarella Christian D'Alessandro
Wallace Campbell Kevin Bulger @ AWS
Wallace Campbell Beverly Paine
Wallace Campbell Vivian Perez
Wallace Campbell Jennifer Rosario - American Welding Society
Wallace Campbell Denny Smith
Wallace Campbell Zhang Yanling
Kathy Arn Capel Josephine Capel
Kathy Arn Capel Nancy C. Capel
Kathy Arn Capel Mark & Patricia Chodosh
Kathy Arn Capel MaryAnn Efner
Phyllis Clark Patricia Clark
Mary Clark Pattersonville Furniture Store, Inc.
Mary Clark Marilyn Welsh
John P. Daley Mark & Marjorie Applegate
John P. Daley Harry Brand
John P. Daley Michael & Marjorie Brassel
John P. Daley Jamielynn Brydalski, High Peaks Resort
John P. Daley Jane Button
John P. Daley John & Irene Coluzza
John P. Daley Mary & Bill Comely
John P. Daley Tami Flaherty
John P. Daley Daniel & Sharon Grygas
John P. Daley Timothy Gusek
John P. Daley Frank & Yunhe Lawruk Jr
John P. Daley Frank & Judy Lawruk Sr.
John P. Daley Allan Palkovic
John P. Daley Pattersonville Furniture Store, Inc.
John P. Daley Thomas & Peggy Riccio
John P. Daley Valerie Santo
John P. Daley Lois Seigal
John P. Daley Slocum, DeAngelus & Associates, PC
John P. Daley Martha Stanton
John P. Daley David & Mary White
John P. Daley Robert & Irene Wickham
Jamie Lynn Gallagher DeCanio Barbara & Paul Cullen
Jamie Lynn Gallagher DeCanio Deborah Gordon
Jamie Lynn Gallagher DeCanio Catherine Hebert
Jamie Lynn Gallagher DeCanio Brian & Gail McCabe
Dan DeCotis Cynthia & Matthew DeCotis
Nicklas Peter DeLella Rae-Marie DeLella
Robert E. Dobson Elizabeth Dobson-Davis
Frank Duci Sharon Jordan
Frank J. Duci Joseph Maddaloni
Frank Duci Joan Nikolski
Frank Duci Saratoga's Community FCU
Marilyn Ennis Paul Ennis
Gregory Georgelos Eliana Georgelos
Agnes L. Haddon Bunzl Northeast LLC
Agnes L. Haddon Charles & Theresa Cristiano
Agnes L. Haddon Susan Grey
Agnes L. Haddon Sharon Malinoski
Agnes L. Haddon Mr. & Mrs. Frank Marchione
Agnes L. Haddon Arlene Meiklejohn
Agnes L. Haddon Barbara Mickel
Agnes L. Haddon Mary Ann Petricca
Agnes L. Haddon Shirley Pingelski & Family
Agnes L. Haddon Donald & Karen Pingelski
Agnes L. Haddon Deborah Poulton
Agnes L. Haddon Ann Marie Susa
Agnes L. Haddon Helen Vedder
Everett "Boots" Hall Elizabeth Hall
Peter J. Hartshorne Jean Hartshorne
Carol Hyde Dr. Larry & Ricki Lewis
Stella Jackson Dennis & Chris Coletta
Laurence J. Jasenski Rozanne Monteparo
Joseph Jerome Deborah Jerome
Albert & Helen Kausch James & Shirley Grabb
Helen Marie Kausch Leonard Douglas
Helen Marie Kausch John & Mary Morrette
Helen Marie Kausch Marie Roberts
Helen Marie Kausch Tom & Carol Versocki
Helen Marie Kausch Michael Ward
Hilda Singsheim Kery Jeffrey & Daphne Hilt
Doris Kingsley & Helen Smrstyk Pauline White
Doris Kingsley & Helen Smrstyk Harry & Pauline White
Robert Krieger Elizabeth Krieger
Frank Kulbako Deborah Arnold
Ivan Lawson Max& Linda Rodriguez
Sasha Levy Joe Levy
Pasquale Matarazzo Giannina McCadden
Brian Maxwell Grant & Donna Maxwell
Richard J. Murphy Marvin and Company, PC
Richard Murray Diane Nicolai
Richard Murray Adam Roselan
Michael Musella Susan Kay Reinertson-Musella
Alberta Oakley Donald Oakley
Michael James O'Sullivan Eileen Holohan
My parents Vincent & Diane Martiniano
James L. Pemberton JoAnne Pemberton
Edward Pereicich Florence Pereicich
Frank Pidgeon Fredrick Heitkamp
Allen Propper David & Linda Winn
Alfred P. Ragazzo Cynthia Ragazzo
Donald O. Reid Frank P. Palmer, Jr.
Donald O. Reid Rochester Curling Club Inc
Donald O. Reid Theresa Rutkowski
Donald O. Reid Jennie Zampella
Donald O. Reid Janet Zampella
Scott C. Ryan Sharon & John Ryan
John Rygelski Barbara Dziedzic
Jane & Bill Semerad Doug & Dawn Semerad
Richard Suprunowicz Marvin and Company, PC
Richard Suprunowicz Joan Nikolski
Philomena Tracy Patricia Clark
Frank L. Upshur Patricia Keyes
Mr. Louis A. Vertucci & Dr. Anthony Vertucci Paul Vertucci
Helen Marie Young Tom & Teresa Young

In Honor of

A gift to the Mission is a wonderful way to remember a birthday, anniversary or other special event, while bringing hope to those in need!
Gifts in Honor of: Given By:
Bill & Betty Casey's 50th Nancy Lee
Stanley Button Louis Venditti
Bill & Betty Casey's 50th Denise & Scott Liebman
Elmer Avenue School Class of 1950 Richard Mackinnon
Michael Hull Marge Hull
Carol Hyde Eleanor DeCoursey
Carol Hyde Elizabeth Hileman
Carol Hyde Stacy Marsh
Carol Hyde Heather & Jay Quaintance
Carol Hyde Patricia Rodriguez
Phil Mahar Donald & Martha Watts
Mike Saccocio Diane Fisher
Mike Saccocio's Birthday Jennie McCadden
Michelle Slone Casey Slone
President Donald J. Trump Louis Venditti