Story Lawrence

Lawrence had been to City Mission once before. He built friendships and made progress toward a better life; however, he was still facing significant struggles and did not complete the program. He left the Mission and continued to spiral until he reached a point where his life was at risk. He only saw one option: he called a friend who had graduated from City Mission and was now serving on our staff.

“Leaving here was without a doubt my lowest point, but I was lucky to have found a way back and try again.”

Upon hearing the desperation in his voice, two staff members drove over 100 miles to get Lawrence and bring him back to City Mission. This act of friendship not only saved his life, but changed his life and gave him the opportunity for a purposeful and joyful future.

“My life has changed dramatically. Once I let go and gave my heart to God faithfully, things started to align for me. City Mission has helped me realize what matters in life. They have helped me with clothing, shelter, food and in finding God. They’ve been very supportive along my journey and have done everything possible you can think of for someone else.”

Lawrence is an intelligent, dedicated, and hard-working man with a kind soul. He is currently thriving as an intern in our Distribution Center and has jumped at the opportunity to help out in any way he can - both on our campus and in the community. Recently helping out at a clothing giveaway in a local elementary school, Lawrence shares,

“It was amazing to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they picked out a pair of shoes or beautiful clothing that was there for them - donated through the Distribution Center where I get to work each week. I loved seeing how happy they were, the parents too.”

Your friendship has given Lawrence the gift of a fresh, forgiving start. He is growing into the friend, father, and faithful man he is meant to be. Without the support of caring people like you, Lawrence, just 34 years old, may not have seen these days of great transformation.

“If I didn’t come here, I would be dead. I was drinking myself to death. I was self-medicating. I didn’t know how or see any other way to deal with my struggles.”

Of the many fond memories Lawrence has been able to form since beginning on this journey at City Mission, the holidays are of particular significance to him. With the upcoming season, Lawrence reminisced on those special days he was able to spend here - surrounded by friends and the love of God,

“Each holiday was phenomenal. Full of fun and support, those days showed me that people you may not know on a personal level still care about you, doing this purely out of the goodness of their hearts. I knew then that there was still good in the world.”

The support shown to Lawrence has shaped his goals for the future you’ve helped him build. Through his time giving back and thriving in various positions, Lawrence discovered a passion for helping others. He shares,

“I want to be a part of what helped me. It is a beautiful thing that is set up here, with an excellent support system and foundation. I could be beneficial to other people that want this level of help too.”

Lawrence is also a very grateful man. He is a man who does not know where he would be, or if he would still be with us, if it were not for the kindness of people like you. Lawrence’s thankfulness is expressed in his words to City Mission partners:

“What you are doing, whether you see it or not, is changing lives dramatically. Your generosity is making a difference for men, women and children that wouldn’t have a chance otherwise.”

Thank you for providing help and hope to Lawrence and so many others.


*Names and photos are occasionally changed to protect the privacy of our residents, but this a real story of someone you have helped.*